Thursday, November 14, 2013

Produced by Ray Bonneville
Scheduled to release April 2017

CD Release Party
April 1st, 2017
Los Osos, CA

Amber Cross and Gurf Morlix
Shine Studios - Austin, TX


"I wrote this song for a friend who shared with me his love for his old-school, 15ft Grumman Canoe. The canoe, known as the Starkell (named after Don Starkell) had been on 49 different bodies of water in California. In honor of her 50th, he was making a compilation video of his adventures with his canoe. Inspired by his story, I wrote 'Grumman at the Keel' for him to use in his video."
Grumman at the Keel
Written by Amber Cross
© 2014

You can call her silver, you can call her friend
She can take you up the river, and bring you back again
No matter where I travel, when I reach an end
I've got 15ft of aero grade aluminum

I don't ask questions, it's like she knows the way
Before I begin to tell her, before I start to say
She walks on water, in that old school way
She's my 15 feet of aero grade aluminum

And I know that she's not fancy
I just like the way I feel
When I'm on the water paddling
With my Grumman at the keel

Amber Cross- acoustic guitar and vocals
James Moore- lead guitar and harmonia

Recorded at Painted Sky Studio, Harmony, CA
Mixed and Mastered by Steve Crimmel 


San Joaquin
Written by Amber Cross
© 2013
Below is a video that was produced by my friends at Firsthand Stories. We filmed at an old ranch house in Selma, CA, a stones throw from where I once lived. Within a week after filming, the barn and house were torn down and all the grape vines were uprooted and burned.